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Explore Doris' Coaching Methods

Welcome to Doris Burby Life Coach, where I utilize depth psychology principles, specifically Jungian Psychology, to help you achieve lasting change in your life. My approach involves working deeply with the mind, uncovering unconscious patterns that affect your relationships.

Through awareness, I empower you to make conscious choices, leading to finding your soulmate.

Emotional work forms another crucial part of my services. I understand that emotions, especially during heartbreak, can be difficult to navigate. My approach is not to suppress these emotions but to guide you to transcend them.

Instead of working against you, I help you harness these emotions to work for you, fostering personal growth and resilience.

Dream work is yet another essential facet of our services. By accessing the unconscious through dreams, I help decode messages your mind is trying to convey. I use symbolism, mythology, and archetypes to interpret your dreams, extracting valuable insights that can be beneficial in your waking life.