From Heartbreak To Soulmate

Individualized Coaching Using Jungian Psychology

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Helping You Navigate and Overcome Heartbreak

Welcome to Doris Burby Life Coach, where she integrates Jungian consciousness studies, Eastern spirituality, and neuroscience to unlock your difficult emotions and guide you to a soulmate.

Too often, life coaching and personal growth programs only focus on surface-level change, resulting in fleeting success. Doris' approach dives deeper—harnessing the power of the unconscious mind to unearth and address the roots of your unconcious patterns that you're not aware of.

Doris' coaching model, grounded in depth psychology and Jungian Psychology, aims not just to alter the surface personality, but to transcend it, so you'll never experience heartbreak again. This is achieved through a range of techniques, including dream work and emotional work.

The spiritual foundation of her coaching model is rooted in ancient Eastern philosophies, like The Upanishads, Buddhism, Tantric Yoga, and Zen. She believes that understanding we are all part of one consciousness leads to inner peace and empowers you to conciouisly choose the partner you've been seeking.

"There is no coming to consciousness without pain."

- Carl Jung

Incorporating Latest Discoveries

Doris also incorporates the latest neuroscience discoveries, which help illuminate how our brains process information and influence our perception of the world. This allows us to challenge what we've been conditioned to believe about the kinds of relationships we're capable of having.

Finding Your Soulmate

With Doris Burby Life Coach, you will let go of past limitations, unlock your unconsious patterns, reconnect with your true self, and consciously create the relationship you've been seeking.